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Research and Markets: India LED Lighting Market (2014-2019): Market Forecast by Applications
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  • India's LED market is forecast to reach $1,457.8 million by 2019, at a CAGR of 35.9%, during 2014-19.

    Government initiatives to replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, increasing energy demand supply gap, declining prices are the factors driving the growth of LED lighting in India. Street lighting application accounts for majority of the market revenues in Indian LED lighting market.

    The report thoroughly covers the market by product types, by applications and by regions. The report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the on-going market trends and market segments. The report also gives the insights on key market drivers, restraints and trends that shape the present and future market.

    The report provides the detailed analysis of following market segments:

    India Lighting Market

    - Traditional Lighting

    - LED Lighting

    India LED Lighting Market by Applications

    - Street Lighting

    - Outdoor Lighting

    - Industrial Lighting

    - Railways Lighting

    - Automotive Lighting

    - Indoor Lighting

    - Others

    Key Topics Covered:

    Executive Summary

    1. Introduction

    2. Market Overview

    2.1 India LED Lighting Market- Snapshot

    2.2 Industry Life Cycle

    2.3 LED Lighting Benefits

    2.4 Market Share

    2.5 India LED Lighting Market- Drivers & Restraints

    2.6 India LED Lighting Market Trends

    3 India LED Lighting Market

    3.1 India Lighting Market

    3.2 India LED Lighting Market

    4 Application Market

    4.1 Street lighting

    4.2 Outdoor Lighting

    4.3 Industrial

    4.4 Railways

    4.5 Automotive Lighting

    4.6 Indoor Lighting

    4.7 Others

    5 Competitive Landscape

    5.1 Porter's 5 Forces Model

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